Duinocoin version 3.18 released

The new version brings higher hash performance and MQTT support for ESP8266

Round three and a half months after the major release 3.0, Robert Piotrowski (revoxhere) and his development team have completed version 3.18 of the Duinocoin miner.

Version 3.18 of the Duinocoin software is said to increase the hashrate on ESP8266 boards by up to 10%. An ESP32 memory leak was fixed, plus there are many small improvements like the possibility to switch off flashing LEDs.

10% more hashrate on ESP8266

Duinocoin Code Version 3.18

The Duinocoin software in version 3.18.

The ESP8266 boards used in many mini-rigs are supposed to have up to 10% more performance with version 3.18 of the Duinocoin software. This is made possible by some changes made by the relatively unknown developer BBS215. He replaces Crypto.h with the optimised bearssl.h and uses its hash functions for the DUCO-S1 algorithm. The patch can be viewed here.

By optimising AVR_TIMEOUT and a small fix in the Arduino miner, BBS215 has also teased out a few more hashes per second there.

Using the new boolean variable LED_BLINKING, a patch from GameOneYT makes it possible to switch off the sometimes annoying and above all energy-wasting flashing of the status LED on ESP8266 boards. The LED then still flashes to indicate a successful connection to a pool, but then remains dark when sending further packets.

Also interesting: for the ESP8266, developer tyrkelko added MQTT support and smoothed DHT sensor values (temperature and humidity). There is no real application for the function so far, but one can display the temperature values in the wallet.

Getting rid of unnecessary libraries

Developer dmitrygribenchuk has discovered some unnecessary libraries from the code for the Minimal_PC_Miner.py and the AVR_Miner.py and removed them. Less code is always good because it means less potential bugs and more speed.

Many other developers, especially new ones, have corrected small errors in the translations of the miner messages.