Duinocoin Mining on PC/Multithreaded (PC_Miner.py)

Full power: DUCO mining with multiple CPU cores on the PC

As in the early Bitcoin days, the CPU of a PC can be used to mine the Duinocoin. The official PC_Miner.py looks fancy and uses multiple CPU cores if desired.

As with the minimal PC miner (Minimal_PC_Miner.py), the "big" PC miner only requires Python3. However, PC_Miner.py installs a lot of additional Python libraries - especially for a colourful status output.


To mine Duinocoin (DUCO) simultaneously with multiple cores on a PC you need the following:

  1. a Duinocoin wallet (online account).
  2. a computer with Windows, GNU/Linux or Mac OS X and Python 3.x.
  3. the Python3 script "PC_Miner.py" from the Duinocoin software (from Github)

1. Create Duinocoin wallet on the project page

In order to be able to store the mined Duinocoin (DUCO) somewhere, you need a wallet. This is managed online at Duinocoin. The new wallet is created at https://wallet.duinocoin.com/register.html.

Create a new wallet

Create a new wallet (account) at wallet.duinocoin.com.

2. Computer with Windows, GNU/Linux or Mac OS X and Python 3.x

The minimal mining software for the PC only requires a Python 3 interpreter. To check whether Python 3 is available, do the following:

  • GNU/Linux: Open terminal via Ctrl-Alt-T (if necessary, use Ctrl-Alt-F2, back with Ctrl-Alt-F7).
  • Windows: Open Powershell via Win+R and "powershell".
  • Mac OS: Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal

At the prompt, enter the following:

python --version

The two minus signs are important (except for Mac OS X). If "python" is not found, you can try "python3 -- version", then the version is hardcoded. The result should look something like this:

mipl@z600:~$ python --version
    Python 3.9.2

This machine (an HP Z600 workstation with Devuan GNU/Linux 3.0 "Chimaera" without systemd) is obviously running Python 3.9.2.

How to install Python3 on your computer is described in detail in Installing Python3 on GNU/Linux PC.

3. Download Duinocoin software

The official software for Duinocoin mining is provided by the Duinocoin project in source code. The current version is always available on Github.

Github Repo von revox

The Duinocoin repository from revox on Github.

Via "Code / Download ZIP" the ZIP archive with the current Duinocoin code is downloaded and must then be unpacked to duino-coin. The required Python3 script PC_Miner.py is located directly in this directory.

Attention! The Unofficial Miners/Multithreaded_PC_Miner.py is an old version of the miner that can no longer be used.
Duinocoin PC Miner

Start mining

Before you can start, you need to install some Python3 libraries. The file requirements.txt lists all required libraries. The installation is done via pip:

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Afterwards, you can start the multithreading miner via the Python3 interpreter:

python3 PC_Miner.py

The script asks for

  • Duinocoin-Username: The name of your own wallet / account - without this information, mining will not work.
  • Mining-Intensity: The Mining-Intensity is converted into a waiting time for the libducohasher library via several calculations. Each thread then waits a little while it calculates the nounce for the DUCO-S1 algorithm using the sleep()* function. If you set the value significantly lower than the suggested 95%, you relieve the CPU cores a little. However, the value does not have a great effect.
  • Mining threads: The number of mining jobs that should be started in parallel. This should not be the number of CPU cores or threads (hyperthreading), as this would put the system at full capacity. It is better to leave at least one core/thread unused so that you can still use the system. Trial and error helps: If the system cannot be used during mining or the fan is permanently running at full speed, you should reduce the number of mini-threads.
  • Lower Difficulty: So that you don't start with too high a difficulty and the first calculated job takes forever, you can significantly reduce the difficulty. To do this, enter "y" in "Use lower difficulty? Only use the default value "n" for very fast computers.
  • Rig Name: Each Duinocoin miner can be given its own name. This has no technical effect, but you can assign each miner and its function better in your own wallet.

Mining key: If you have activated a mining key in your wallet (a password for your miners), you can enter this password here. This prevents other people from mining for the benefit of their own wallet and influencing the Kolka system or even leading to the deletion of the account due to faulty miners.

That's it! This starts the mining process with the specified number of threads.

Happy Mining!