Duinocoin version 3.2 released

Raspberry Pi 'Mining-LED' and Username/Mining-Key-Check

Nearly two months after version 3.18, the developers around Robert Piotrowski (revoxhere) have finished the Duinocoin miner version 3.2.

Version 3.2 of the Duinocoin software brings some small fixes. On the Raspberry Pi, the LED now flashes on demand to indicate successful mining. At the first start the miner software checks from version 3.2 if wallet and minig key are correct.

Raspberry Pi: Mining status at a glance

Duinocoin Code Version 3.2

Controlling the LEDs on a Raspberry Pi in the Duinocoin software 3.2.

On Arduino boards or an ESP8266/ESP32, an LED usually flashes briefly when a mining result has been sent. The Raspberry Pi can do the same with one of its onboad LEDs ("_blink_builtin"). This is practical because you can see at a glance on the small computer whether mining is running - or whether there is a problem.

Especially when starting one of the mining clients for the first time, the query of the user name and the (optional) miner key has been improved, as well as the handling of the configuration file in case of incorrect entries.

The code of Duinocoin 3.2 is as always in the Github directory of revox.